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Heat Wave In The U.S.


Featured, Prayer List | July 21, 2011


Us saints here at Avalon Chapel are sending our prayers to everyone in the United States in regards to the weather we are going to be experiencing over the next few months. Please be safe & stay hydrated! Forecasters warned the heatwave would persist through much of the coming week and cautioned residents in more […]



Featured, Prayer List | March 15, 2011


We are sending our prayers up for the victims of the tragic event that occurred. For more than two terrifying, seemingly endless minutes Friday, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan shook apart homes and buildings, cracked open highways and unnerved even those who have learned to live with swaying skyscrapers. Then came a […]

South Los Angeles, Calfornia

Featured, Prayer List | October 13, 2010


We are constantly sending our prayers out to the area in which our church is located within our four walls, and now, we would like to go a step further in sending our petitions up via world wide web. South Los Angeles remains known for its notorious gangs. The tension between black and Latino gangs […]

Job Market

Featured, Prayer List | September 22, 2010


We would like to pray for those who are still unemployed & still seeking work due to the recession our country has been going through for the last 2 years. California’s deeply troubled labor market took another hit in August as employers laid off more workers than expected, renewing fears that the state’s economic recovery […]

Back To School

Featured, Prayer List | August 19, 2010


We would like to send out our prayers for the youth who are going back to school, from the ones attending pre-school to the ones attending college. As we all know, our education system here in California has been subjected to major budget cuts, which affects the learning environment of students. California’s public education system […]


Featured, Prayer List | July 28, 2010


We would like to send our prayers out to the victims of Haiti, who recently suffered from a tragic earthquake event earlier this year. Haiti earthquake facts reveal that the earthquake occurred at 4.53 p.m. on January 12, 2010. The center of the earthquake was about 16 miles away form the capital – Port-au-Prince. The […]